The basic purpose of the Policy is to create the People Hub as a Single Source of Truth. This can't be achieved unless all the relevant databases mentioned earlier are made to converge and interoperate seamlessly, within a short period of time to ensure synchronization of the various datasets. The Smart Pulse Survey precisely attempts to do this.

Against the above background, the Smart Pulse Survey can be defined as a coordinated and synchronized effort at creation, integration and convergence of the multiple databases relating to socio-economic data of the people with the SRDH database.

Smart Pulse Survey is a massive parallel survey of all households, aimed to capture the required socio-economic data directly in digital form, with online validations. The field surveyors can enter the data by accessing the relevant portal through a connected tablet so that the data validations happen online and the scope for mistakes is minimized; and the consolidation and analysis of data can be completed within 2 weeks of the completion of field survey. The objectives of the proposed Smart Pulse Survey are summarized below:

  • Completing the seeding of Aadhaar in the databases of identified developmental and Welfare departments;
  • Ensuring the correctness of the data already seeded with Aadhaar;
  • Ensuring that the demographic data of any person is identical in the SRDH database and the departmental database;
  • Eliminating duplicate records;
  • Deleting the records of persons who have expired;
  • Creating a self-consistent set of records in the form of AP State Socio-Economic Database (AP SEDB).