The Policy which envisages an ideal situation, where the demographic data contained in the departmental database and that contained in the People Hub / SRDH match in all respects, namely, the data definition and data content, Such an envisaged situation will facilitate more efficient processing of service requests and establishing of identity and addresses of the residents. The following principles are will enable the beneficiary data of all departments to converge.

  • The demographic details of a resident in the departmental database shall be based on any statutory document like the birth certificate, school or college certificate or passport, if such a document or online information is available.
  • If the demographic details specified in the Aadhaar differ from the data based on such documents as in (i), the resident shall be advised to get the Aadhaar data corrected by preferring an application at the MeeSeva Counter or online.
  • In case the resident does not have any documentary support, and there are differences in the departmental data and the Aadhaar data, the latter prevails and the departmental database shall be modified accordingly.
  • The convergence may be undertaken preferably after the percentage of seeding and its verification crosses 80.

The convergence shall be undertaken as a part of the Smart Pulse Survey.