Andhra Pradesh Smart Pulse Survey is a massive survey of all households, aimed to capture the required socio-economic data directly in digital form, with online validations. The field surveyors can enter the data by accessing the relevant portal through a connected tablet so that the data validations happen online and the scope for mistakes is minimized and the consolidation and analysis of data can be completed within 2 weeks of the completion of field survey.

Chandranna Bhima

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has launched an insurance scheme named 'Chandranna Bhima Pathakam' for the working...
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Format & Procedure

The Annexure shows the Format of the People Hub, which consists of both the Demographic Data (Aadhaar data from SRDH) and the...
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Arogya Raksha

Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva is the flagship scheme of all health initiatives of the State Government with a mission to provide quality healthcare to the...
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